"Die Young" is a song by American recording artist Matthew McCoy from his fourth studio album, The Last Time. It was released, along with "First Kiss", as the album's second single, after "Don't Be Afraid", on September 25, 2012. Upon release, "Die Young" charted in many countries, including the United Kindom, Republika, and Pigpillia. In the latter two countries, the song debuted at #1, due to a large amount of digital download sales on September 24.


McCoy and film actress Samantha Bairos were going to shoot a music video for a new McCoy single, called "24/7". At the time no album was planned. Then, the next day, McCoy announced that he will be recording a fourth studio album called The Last Time, and it would be released on September 24, 2012.

"Die Young" was originally called "This Time" during the beginning of the album recording sessions, though that original song was scratched. The same beat was used for "Die Young" that would have been used for "This Time". The song was recorded in September 2012, the final song to be recorded for the album.

Composition and lyricsEdit

"Die Young" is a piano-driven indie pop, R&B, and synthpop song which takes elements from disco, pop, and pop rock. The song is three minutes, thirty-eight seconds long. The lyrics were written by McCoy and the song itself was produced by CTK720. The lyrics have been subject to some criticism, as McCoy has said "[the lyrics] aren't really influential. I don't know why I'd write a song like this. Just to clear things up, I don't want to die young. In case anyone's wondering or hoping."

Track listingEdit

  1. "Die Young" - 3:38
  2. "First Kiss" (ft. DA1) - 3:50

Chart performanceEdit

"Die Young" became an instant hit in multiple countries, as it debuted at number 1 in both Republika and Pigpillia. It was a minor hit in the UK, only charting at number 91.

Country Peak performance
Republika 1
Pigpillia 1
United Kindom 91

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