"Drop the World (Party)" is a song by American recording artist Matthew McCoy from his third studio album, The Last Time. It will be released as the album's fourth single on January 1, 2013. Upon the album's release, "Drop the World (Party)" debuted at number 10 on the Republikai Favorite Songs chart.

Composition and lyricsEdit

"Drop the World (Party)" is a europop and eurodance song of three minutes, 55 seconds. It was written by Matthew McCoy and produced by American House Mafia and CTK720. The song's lyrics have been subject to criticism because of the mature actions mentioned, such as alcohol and the desire for sex. In the line "And I just wanna book/A trip to your body/Showing off your body", sex is mentioned in a way, and in the line "There's a difference/If you're not high it's nonsense", alcohol intoxication is mentioned. The lyrics, though, were meant to be mostly about partying and forgetting about all worries you have.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Drop the World (Party)" - 3:55

Chart performanceEdit

"Drop the World (Party)" has currently only charted in Republika, where it has peaked at number 10.

Country Peak performance
Republika 10

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