Electrode is the upcoming fourth studio album by American recording artist Matthew McCoy. The album should be released in November 2012. The lead single, "Say My Name", will be released in late October 2012. It was produced by Julio El Genio.

The track listing was released on September 26, 2012, earlier than expected.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Matthew McCoy.

No. Song title Producer(s) Length
1. "Without Your Love" EA Productions 3:29
2. "Follow You" Jandy Andrey 3:34
3. "Lovesong" Andrey 4:05
4. "Free" Andrey, CTK720 3:21
5. "Never Say Never" American House Mafia, Andrey, War 3:55
6. "I Think About You" Andrey 3:48
7. "4Ever" Andrey 3:12
8. "Dance Tonight" Andrey, CTK720, War, American House Mafia 3:27
9. "Speed Thru Life" David Guetta, Andrey, American House Mafia, War, Wolverine, RD3 3:44
10. "Say My Name" (ft. Gunshot MM) Julio El Genio 3:50
11. "Because of You" Andrey 3:52
12. "I Am Electronic" (ft. DA1 and Gunshot MM) Andrey 2:56
13. "Need You Tonight" (ft. Jandy Andrey) Andrey 3:01
14. "One More Drink" (ft. Wolverine) Wolverine, RD3 3:19