"Hurricane" is a song by American recording artist Matthew McCoy from his fourth studio album, The Last Time. Though the song has not been granted a formal release and is not expected to, it has charted in Republika at number 32.

Composition and lyricsEdit

"Hurricane" is a pop rock song driven by a guitar-driven chorus and a synthy piano verse. It contains influences of R&B and synthpop. "Hurricane" was written by Matthew McCoy and was produced by CTK720, McCoy, and Olivia Collins (on guitar in the chorus). The lyrics in the chorus ask what it would be like to be a hurricane, and if it would be "such a shame" to be one. In the verse, the theme shifts to an old relationship, trying to get it rekindled, and sort of asking someone out in the second hook. The lyrics there are "So let's set sail/Even if we'll fail/Until we reach the ocean." The lyrics were met with positive reviews (see below.)


McCoy said "Hurricane" was one of his favorite songs from the album. Mrs. Maturo of Martin Reviews said "I like the guitar chorus...reminds me of the 80s. And also, the verses and his vocals are magnificent. Overall rating? Five stars out of five."

Chart performanceEdit

"Hurricane" charted in Republika a day after the album's release, peaking at number 32.

Country Peak position
Republika 32

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